Kings Cross

I cycle past Kings Cross and Euston on most days. Despite its reputation as one of the most dangerous junctions in London, there is little I can do to avoid it without adding a lot of time to my commute. So what does one do when a car passes you with only a “painted O” on the road as separation? Those who read this blog may realise that I am not averse to giving errant drivers a slap on the side of the car, as an suggestion that perhaps they have come too close… below is a picture taken on Monday – no phot0shopping involved. So how close is too close?

Edit: my Dad always said that you shouldn’t put yourself in a vulnerable position. So how can this be achieved when a car with 563 horse power (in this case, EN10 GGO, Mercedes SLS) is pitted against a bike? Defensive cycling will only get you so far.


My wheel’s bigger than yours… I think…

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